10 Life Lenses that Change Your Results! … 4 New Lenses to Add


There is a Powerful Personal Success technology which can revitalize your “mind-ware” to unleash your personal power and creativity.

In the last installment, I mentioned 4 Life Lenses. Below, you will find 4 additional Lenses you can use…

1. If It’s Possible for One person It’s Possible for Others.

Very often, one of the things that limits us is our own beliefs. “I can’t” often means “I don’t believe I can”. Check it out for yourself and, if it’s possible for someone, what’s stopping you?

2. The Meaning of Your Communication is the Response You Get.

Sometimes our words, body language and voice convey a message that is received differently from the message we intended. Instead of blaming others for misinterpreting, take responsibility for your own communication and consider how else you can get your message across more effectively.
Whether talking or listening take 100% responsibility for the communication.

3. I Am In Charge Of My Mind and, Therefore, My Results.

If you’re not in charge of your mind, who is? Begin by taking responsibility for your behavior and state of mind rather than being affected by those around you. Recognize that you have choices.
Responsibility = Response + Ability or Ability to choose how to respond. Know that you are “Reponse Able”.

Your past is not your potential. The future is there for you to shape.

4. Flexibility Creates Success

Instead of expecting people around you to change, think how you can do things differently to improve relationships, influence and results. Flexibility is a strength that brings increased influence and control.

You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World – M. K. Gandhi

Important: Putting It Into Practice

Now it is up to you to take each of these Lenses and apply them in your life to make them a part of “who” and “how” you are. One approach is to focus on one technique per week and find ways to use it. Be sure to notice the results you get and how your results improve with every application. The Personal Success Coaching Center Online “Revitalize” skill-building workshop will teach you some powerful ways to use these and many other Lenses for a measurable positive impact in your life!

Dr. Ed Hubbard is author of more than 40 books including the the book “Mastering Secrets of Personal Success – Tools to Create the Life You Want” For more information regarding Hubbard Personal Success Coaching, go to http://www.personalsuccesscoachingcenter.com/index.html

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