10 Life Lenses that Change Your Results!


There is a Powerful Personal Success technology which can revitalize your “mind-ware” to unleash your personal power and creativity.

Many years of modeling people who are consistently successful reveal that they are guided by principles. They may not be consciously aware of the principles they live by, yet friends and colleagues can usually tell from the way they respond to life’s situations that there is something underpinning their success.

Some of the more common principles that have been modeled from successful people, from many different walks of life, are described below, and even if they don’t appear true for you yet, notice how much more successful you can be when you act as if they are.

I will present these tool in three installments to give you time to integrate them in your day-to-day interactions and practices. Be sure to review the “putting it into practice section.

1. Your perception is only real for you

We each have our own perception of the world and our experiences within it. Since no two minds are alike, our personal perceptions can only ever be real for us and are not reality itself.
How do you know that an orange tastes the same to you as it does to others? Do you know how people are thinking, or do you assume they think like you?

2. Respect other peoples’ realities

Since we each experience the world in our own unique way, it is safe to assume that one person’s interpretation of something will differ from others’. For best results respect other views and check understanding rather than making assumptions. Effective communication lies in the understanding and interpretation.

3. Every experience is a learning opportunity

When you don’t get the results you want, consider what you can learn from this feedback and what you can do differently next time. Blaming gets you nowhere – learning takes you forward.

4. There is No Such Thing as Failure, Only Feedback.

How would your life change if you adopted this principle into the way you live? How would your stress level change? How would conflict situations change? How much more resourceful would you be to generate more successful alternatives. Adopting this Life Lens changes how you view the world and how the world interacts with you.

Putting the Life Lenses into Practice

Use these principles with yourself and with others. Choose one or two at a time and, as you practice acting as if they are true, notice how this influences your thinking, behavior and results.

Sometimes success is elusive when instant results are expected. Living these principles requires a patience to wait for the things you want. People tend to avoid those who are perceived as being self-centered and out for what they can get. When you take the time to show a sincere interest in other people, they will warm up to you. When you work at relationships in this way the things you want from life will find you. Is there anything stopping you from putting these principles into action today?

Dr. Ed Hubbard is author of more than 40 books including the the book “Mastering Secrets of Personal Success – Tools to Create the Life You Want” For more information regarding Hubbard Personal Success Coaching, go to http://www.personalsuccesscoachingcenter.com/index.html

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