5 Statements That Are Limiting Your Life

Struggling with health problems, being concerned about relationships, wrestling with career-based issues and all the other things that life can throw at you can be challenging. It’s very easy to let things become all-consuming and holding on to a number of excuses for not doing something ends up being commonplace. People find ways of justifying and validating their reasons, the problem is that is very limiting and you lose your options and your choices. Letting go of the excuses that become entrenched in your experiences frees you up from limitations and opens you up to possibilities, options, choices and limitless potential.

If you catch yourself using the phrases that are mentioned here, or something very similar; if you choose to live your life by them, they become the influencing factor in how you continue to make decisions – which could cause you to make decisions that limit you.

It’s highly probable that you use more than one of these phrases. The first thing is to become conscious of your language and become aware of the things you are saying to yourself and to others. When you catch yourself using one of these phrases (or something similar) or thinking it, pay attention: is it your voice or someone else’s? How do you feel? When are you saying it? Then contemplate the purpose for saying it. This will give you clarity on what’s going on for you. Let’s take a closer look at these five statements:

  1. “I don’t have time….”
    How often do you say this? It’s a popular reason when it comes to exercise. It’s a reason that will definitely stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. The truth is we are all busy but there is no extra time. Time is given to us at 60 seconds to the minute, 60 minutes to an hour, 24 hours per day. Nobody has any more time or less time than anyone else. Good performers and poor performers have the same amount of time. So, what’s the difference? Its how you USE the time you have! If it’s important to you, you have to make the time which means creating a schedule and then working the schedule.

A simple way to free up some more time, turn off the TV, get off Facebook and you’ll be amazed with the additional time you have for pursuing your goals.

Make the decision to keep yourself accountable for your actions.


  1. “It will NEVER happen.” 
    How do you know for certain? What actual evidence do you have? Who made up that rule for you? What if you could and this belief statement is preventing you from knowing? There’s a lot of people on the planet and I would put money on it that there is at least one person making that thing happen which you claim will never happen. Be aware that making a statement like this and allowing it to become one of the rules in your life means that you could stay stuck and cut off from your goals.
    It’s a good idea to focus on how it can happen, rather than why it won’t. If you focus on the solutions you are more likely to find one.
  2. “I’m not the type of person who would …”
    How do you know? Have you just created boundaries and limitations for yourself rather than thinking about how you could change your perception of the situation. Or maybe you are concerned about how other people will view you rather than being bold and pursuing the things you want to do in life.


  1. “I could never …”
    What would your life be like if you did? “Never” is a very broad-brush, sweeping statement isn’t it. In numerous ways it limits you and cuts you off from the possibilities forever! Start exploring how you could make it happen instead.


  1. “Oh well, never mind …”
    If you’ve explored every conceivable option, there’s strength in accepting the present moment. BUT if you’ve let your hopes and dreams slip through your fingers without trying giving it 100% of your commitment to succeeding then it’s time to re-think the situation.
    Don’t let your life be ruled by excuses and reasons for not achieving. From today, start to take responsibility for your results and look for the solutions which allow you to reach your desired goals and outcomes.

Source: Adapted from The NLP Practitioner – Mind Training Systems